Jymie Darling presents Pagan Day Fest

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Pagan Day Fest is a two day event (or a 3 day event if you are staying at the hotel on friday night too!) that is free to attend.

Jymie Lynn Darling brings Babylon Gardens Apothecary to Pagan Day Fest
Babylon Gardens Apothecary

A traditional apothecary using cold pressed, rare essentials and exotic attars to recreate ancient and new blends that will dazzle your senses. Oils, Lotions, Bath Salts, Room Sprays and more!
Walk among the Gods in the Gardens of the Heavens and tempt the senses in the Garden of Debauchery.

Jymie Lynn Darling brings Pagan Day Fest to Los Angeles
Pagan Day Fest
TShirts, mini posters, pamphlets, check in for your wristbands and Information booth

Shaman Art From My Heart
Specializing in feather and animal pieces that will connect from the higher to the lower of conscienceness. Healing and uplifting, creative and charging, Shaman Art from the Heart is a true

Jymie Lynn Darling presents a traditional and real VODOU shoppe
The Vodou Shoppe
Conceived and opened in the corner of the nation's oldest occult store in 2001, The Vodou Shoppe creates handmade, one of a kind Carribean Ceremonial Pieces.

Magikal Kabinets by Kalypsokrystal
Healing cabinets with love and energy for your soul

Choptop Table Tops
From the mad mind comes a unique table and ritual item

Hilary's Vanity
Unique gothic, steampunk couture. Handmade and delicious clothing and accessories.