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Pagan Day Fest is a two day event (or a 3 day event if you are staying at the hotel on friday night too!)

Greetings and welcome to all journeying souls. The Pagan Day Fest is free to attend the shopping area, the rituals, the workshops, the art show and the altar

We are Pagan Day Festival. First conceived and brought to our beautiful city in 1999. This festival was the first all encompassing festival that brought together the light, the dark, the inbetween to one stage.

Only in Los Angeles can we find this warm embrace of who and what everyone is. From the plain curious to the very serious student, this fest has been a beacon in Los Angeles for years. We received city recognition year after year as the cities that we held our fest in gave us proclamations acknowledging all the ancient religions and declaring our day the city's day of Pagan Fest!

Jymie Darling has been the coordinator of the largest and most emcompassing festival in Southern California and she has pulled out all the stops this year! A full weekend for the Pantheacon style festival for Los Angeles has returned!

We are complete with a dinner and a music/dance event on Saturday night! Do not miss out!

So please feel free to explore the site and we hope, very dearly, that you join us at Pagan Day Fest 2017 and celebrate with us, the diversity of ancient religions and embracing the tolerance that the great city of Los Angeles has to offer.

A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors: