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Thank you all for the immense participation in the 2016 Pagan Day Fest. We were very proud to get the info back that we were featured on the KTLA Places to be in Los Angeles on Saturday broadcast! Thank you KTLA, 52 Weeks of Horror and Acid Aaron Productions as well as Geek Girls and Freaky Geeky!!!! The press was incredible and we are humbled.

We are already in the planning stages of 2017 and are planning on expanding!

The fest is $5 to attend (you have to buy a dinner ticket if you want to go to the dinner or if you just want to dance on Saturday night, you have to have a dance ticket). Otherwise, shopping, rituals, lectures, workshops, entertainment, authors are all $5 for the whole weekend to attend!! With this $5, we will give you 5 raffle tickets (at $1 makes the fest FREE when it evens out).

This is for us to get an appropriate count of people coming for us, the hotel and the vendors. It will also give us an idea on the ritual and workshop room space needed.

HOWEVER, if you know a vendor...ask them for passes, they will have them and those include 1 raffle ticket! If you do not know a vendor...buddy up to one. We hear that the coordinator, Jymie Darling's Babylon Gardens Apothecary, hands them out like candy if you email them.

There are lots all around the hotel and the hotel is giving us a deal for $17 (instead of $21) to park for the day. IF you are a hotel GUEST with a room, you get in and out privledges with the $18. There are also FREE spaces around the hotel to park. (last year's confusion with the tickets has been settled and handled).

Again...Grab a vendor and ask for a pass...or support the fest for the $5 here and get the extra raffle tickets (last year...people were spending big on extra tickets as the raffles were astounding)

REALLY....BEFORE YOU BUY (unless you just have it in your heart to support the fest) GRAB FREE PASSES FROM VENDORS